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Hey Ya'll!

So I am a huge believer in going for your goals. I chased mine even when there were a lot of people who discouraged me along the way. Some said I would never make it, or I was just " a girl with a camera" and I could never make a living. Sometimes those comments really brought me down, but at the end of the day I just knew I had to follow my heart with this one. Ever since I got my first camera I loved taking pictures. To say I love it would be an understatement.

Honestly, it was earth shattering.

When I have my camera in hand I feel like I can do anything, I can be anything, and I can create anything. Most importantly I can capture every moment and every beautiful soul. I can honestly say that I love my job. My heart is pumping before every senior session and wedding. Sometimes I have to stop myself, because I get too many ideas at once.

One thing that lies near and dear to my heart is how my clients feel. At every session I am motivating, coaching, and boosting you up. All I want is for you to see what the world sees and how truly beautiful you are. To me it isn't just about pictures and timeless keepsakes -- it is about self love and learning to accept yourself.

I know that as a teenager I really struggled with that. Was I pretty enough? Skinny enough? Etc.

When I first started shooting seniors I would hear them put themselves down during their session. I realized that I didn't have to just take pictures, I had the opportunity to change lives and the way my girls see themselves.

Now after every session they are glowing. When they see their pictures I listen to them say amazing things about themselves, and just stop and take it in, and I know I have done my job. Not only as a photographer, but as a friend.

So, little did I know that my dreams of being a photographer would give me a whole new purpose in life. I would wake up every day and know I am doing what I love and giving back at the same time.


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