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How to ROCK your senior session!

So you have booked your senior pictures, or you are thinking about getting them done, but where do you start? How do you rock your session?

1. Choosing the right outfits

Choosing some thing classic but trendy will always be in style! If you are booking me as your senior photographer I take you through a series of questions and help you find the perfect outfits. Choosing something that flatters your body type is critical. If you do not feel comfortable and confident it will show in your pictures ... and don't forget to ACCESSORIZE!

2. Great hair and makeup

I cannot stress this enough! Photoshop can only do some much when it comes to your hair and makeup. My senior sessions come with professional hair and makeup by Aimee Johnson. You will just look THAT much better if you invest in hair and makeup.

3. Being playful

Most of the time when my clients show me pins that they love they are filled with emotion and playfulness. If that is something your're looking for bring a happy and playful you to your session. If you are shy, afraid, or basically terrified to look silly that is one way how to make your photos look stiff. I want you to have fun and loosen up... I will give you a little secret (it is what makes the best photos)!

4. Take advantage of your location and your hobbies!

Whether it is something you could not imagine not having in your life like a pet, or a hobby you are involved in. You should talk to your photographer and find out how you can incorporate it in your session! Being awesome and being you makes your session special and unique!

First off, I hope that if you are reading this you might be considering me. One thing that is super important to know is that I am not the photographer for everyone. WHAT?!

When you are looking for a senior photographer think about what they have to offer.

1. Are they your style?

If you are wanting your senior portraits to be in a studio don't hire someone who specializes in natural light photography or vise versa. Also make sure that you like their editing style, and how their portfolio looks like.

2. How well do they communicate?

So you have contacted someone whose work you like? That doesn't mean they are perfect for you. If you do not feel a connection or if they do not communicate well with you it might not be the end of the world, but it is important to have someone that is easy to talk to . For example if you have insecurities or when it comes to having your photos reflect who you are.

3. Lastly check referrals

If you have a trustworthy photographer they will have o problem sharing some past clients with you so you can check how they handle and if they are consistent. Don't just go off the reviews on their page.

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