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As spring is approaching there are lots of new ideas and things happening for McBee Photography!

First off is I now will be offering products such as Photo Books, Canvases, and other amazing items! I had been dabbling on how I would accomplish this, and starting in the summer of 2016 I will be completing each portrait session with a personal premiere ordering and viewing session.

What is that?

A personal premiere ordering and viewing session will take place in your home, or at my in-home studio... you pick! During this ordering and viewing session we will go through all the images, and I will let you select the images that you wish to be on your online gallery! The amount that can be selected is variable depending on what session you have booked. If you would like more images that what is promised you can buy additional prints, and you can also order canvases, photo books, and other awesome products that I offer. Once ordered I will personally deliver it to your home, or you can pick it up.

Why are you changing?

In the begging of 2016 I kicked my business up and began using online galleries to give to my clients. These galleries can be viewed up to ten years! So now you do not have to keep up with a disk or a USB. You can download the images to multiple devices, and it even has an app so you can view them without internet. Over the winter I took a small much needed break from photography to regain inspiration, and refresh my mind. During this time I learned! I joined various communities, and teaching organizations. I learned that I needed to create something new… something that other photographers in this area do not offer. I decided to push forward with offering products. For me when I have gotten pictures done those pictures are often pushed aside and forgotten, because I never took the time (we are all very busy people) to order prints. So… all my beautiful pictures were forgotten, and unused. I believe this will create a unique and amazing experience for all my clients. Even if my clients do not order anything it is wonderful to hand select and watch my clients see their images for the first time!

Another new approach I am taking is sending invoices, contracts, and deposits. This helps me and my clients stay more organized and prepared for their session!

Stay tuned for my Senior Reps group session!!!!

To book a portrait session contact me at or 870-416-4467.

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