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Family Minis!

When you walk into your home what makes it feel like your home? Some might say the pets welcoming you home, or the smell of fall leaves, but what reasures you? The friendly pictures on you fridge and mantel with grinning little faces smiling back at you. That is what makes my home a home for me.

It is that time of year again too... the warm summer showers and the feeling of sun kissing your cheeks. What better opportunity to have your famiy's portraits then right now? The weather is wonderful and there is a wonderful special! Right now I have five sessions left this summet in Harrison for family minis!

What is a mini?

A mini session is the same quality work as a full session, but it is only thirty minutes instead of an hour You still recieve ten plus images on a CD with the print release rights, and as always you will get to see a sneak peak to share with all your friends! If you also want to purchase pakages I will be more than happy to show them to you.

If you would like to book a session you can contact me by

phone : (870)-416-4467

email :

or message on McBee Photography's page :

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