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The Ambassador Team 2025 | Stephanie McBee Photography



class of 2025

Are you graduating in 2025?

The Ambassador team is a sought out experience like no other. We are impacting the world around us by finding our inner beauty and helping others find theirs as well. The Ambassador team gets to participate in fun themed shoots throughout the year, make friends, give back to the community, and have amazing year round senior pictures.

I am looking for fun, outgoing, and bright seniors to represent Stephanie McBee Photography's senior rep team!

Welcome to the AMBASSADOR PROGRAM for the class of 2025! I am looking for stylish, fun, unique, and outgoing Juniors to get their senior pictures taken by me to help spread the word about the Stephanie McBee Photography senior experience. If you are looking to be a part of something uniquely fun with photos throughout the year this is it! There's no other program in the area like it! My goal is to have fun in every occasion and bring out YOU in your images!

A little about me! Hey I'm Stephanie I am super bubbly, love to jam out to music, and I'm obsessed with having a good time and a good outfit! My passion is senior photography. When I was in high school I didn't get senior photos. This is how the passion was born. I wanted to create something that not only gave amazing senior photos but an experience and a way to get creative with my seniors as well. I absolutely love everything about it. One thing about working with me is that I love to get creative and go above and beyond for my seniors. I'm not your average senior photographer. When you book your senior pictures through me I help you pick out outfits with the style closet, locations, pamper you with hair and makeup, and pose you from your nose to your toes! We always have the best time. Know that I have been doing senior photography for a LONG time so you are in good hands! I got you girl let's make your senior year awesome.

To become an ambassador for Stephanie McBee Photography all you need to do is apply! Tell me all about yourself the more details the better! Tell me why you think you should be a great fit and how you think you could be a good aspect to this year's model team. I will be choosing anywhere from 10-30 girls from all around NW Arkansas. Oh and don't forget to ask mom!

Being a senior ambassador for Stephanie McBee Photography is all about showing off your awesome photos, creating new friendships, expressing yourself through your pictures, and having a super awesome and unique senior year experience. We travel all over and have fun themed sessions while you are making friends with girls all over the NW Arkansas area! All you need to do is tell your friends and have fun.

To become a rep you must:
- Live within a 40 mile radius of Harrison Arkansas (or be willing to travel once or twice in the year)
- Have an informational meeting one on one with me
- Participate in the first themed group shoot and meet and greet (other themed shoots are not required but encouraged)
- Post images from your individual shoot and themed shoots on your social

- Sign a release form and contract so I can show off how awesome you look!
- Use one of your senior pictures taken by me as your Facebook/Instagram profile picture for part of the year
- Follow me on social! I have Insta, Facebook, and Tiktok
- Book and pay for one of the senior packages (Packages start at $195)
- You must not or represent another photographer during the time of acceptance until the end of your senior year. Exceptions must be approved by me.
REFER your friends to Stephanie McBee Photography and HAVE FUN! 

Being a senior ambassador for Stephanie McBee Photography gets you tons of rewards including:

- EXCLUSIVE senior experiences & packages to choose from for your senior session
- A day of pampering including Professional Hair and Makeup so you will look and feel your absolute best! 
- Style consult to plan your outfits and the look for your session including an awesome style closet with outfits you can borrow for your senior sessions for an additional cost.
- Group sessions to mingle, meet, and hang out with your ambassador family! With free pictures from those sessions!
- Themed shoots throughout the year and FREE images from those.
- Free cap and gown photos at the end of the year
- A formal meeting so we can talk about the incredible experience.

- Do I have to be a model?
     No, absolutely not! That's the fun part of this experience! So many of my girls tell me their selfie game
     significantly improved after working with me. I pose you from your nose to your toes and we have a blast        the whole time.
- How time consuming is this?
     I know as seniors you all have a lot on your plate so you can be as involved as you want! I have one big rep       session with everyone and then you can show up to as many or as little bonus themed sessions you want        to. You can participate in just one shoot or 5+ throughout the year! 
- How much does it cost?
     The only cost of this program is what will be your individual senior package. Depending on which session      you book Sessions range from $195-$750. It just depends how many locations, outfits, etc you are                      imagining for your photos. You can book whichever one you want and the rest of the sessions are bonus!        You may pay to get hair and makeup done for bonus sessions, but you are able to opt out of any of the              bonus sessions! Payment plans are also available.
- How many girls do I accept?
     I never really have a set number in mind when it comes to selecting my reps. Each year I get more and            more applicants so I get larger teams each year. Most importantly I try to choose several from each local         school and pick girls who seem excited and put forth effort in their application. I also always look for lots       of diversity in my teams! 

So now that you're interested! What's next? Apply below and make sure to include your hobbies, interests, if you are involved in the community, and why you think you would make an awesome rep! 
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