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Precious little faces..

I was so thrilled to capture yet another family photo session. Each family has their own personality and got their own spunk. Here are some quick tips for taking family photos or photos of little ones..

1. Get to know them: When meeting the children it is best to get down on their level. Maybe even sit down and talk to them for a bit. This is important for them to warm up and feel comfortable around you.

2. Engage them: Take frequent brakes, and tell them a joke, compliment them ("wow you are so good at this", "have you done this before", or "I love your outfit.") You can even show them the pictures you have taken of them.

3. No fake smiles: One perfect way to lead up to a big fake smile is when you or parents tell their kids to smile or "say cheeeeese." In my opinion this is the worst thing you can do, because they will give you squinty eyes and full teeth. I like more natural poses and sometimes if the children are just not coreperating I just start snapping the camera for some cute candids.

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