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Here's to the New Year!

I still can't believe that 2017 is already over. It was an amazing year for me and although I am sad to see it end I am ready for another great year!

From unicorn Starbucks drinks to the second season of Stranger things there has been so many great things that have taken place this year.

Some of my goals for this year include:

The cliché "eat better" resolution.... With school I get into this routine of going to classes, working, editing pictures, and then doing my pictures until around one in the morning. I do not usually think about what I am eating nor do I usually have time to regularly eat. This year I am hoping to get into the routine of planning out my meals ahead of time or at least watching the nutrition of food more closely.

Use more essential oils -- I got an essential oil diffuser for Christmas this year, and I am planning on using it a lot. I am taking 18 hours this semester (all full load classes) so I will be using a lot of the stress relief oil lol!!

Declutter --- I live in a small apartment and about 50% of my house is just plain clutter and things I do not need nor do I want.. Where do you guys like to sell your stuff? I have tried Facebook, but most of the time people are flaky and I never end up selling anything. Let me know in the comments!

Pay off the student loans!! Austin had to take a loan his first semester of college and we have paid about 1/3 of it off so maybe with a full time job this year we can pay it off completely.

new years photoshoot

new years photoshoot

new years photoshoot

new years photoshoot

new years photoshoot

Share your new years resolutions below in the comments!

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