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Stephanie McBee Photography - Harrison, Ar Photographer - Destiny Davis

This is Destiny! She is twelve years old and is such a strong and beautiful girl! We were honored to have had the chance to pamper her at our event for women that are battling cancer. Destiny's last treatment was in December and this little chickadee is all done and we are hoping it stays that way!

So thankful that so many awesome people helped make this day possible for this beautiful lady including free hair and makeup from Sachet salon (Hair by Mackenzie Adams and Makeup by Aimee Johnson), free pictures by me, a half price outfit from Sar-ndipity, and some yummy cupcakes from B's sugary sweetz all located in Harrison, Ar.

The glitter is to symbolize "heck yeah I am done with treatments!" She is such an inspiration. Her mother said she never once complained about being sick. Watching her mother talk about her daughter was beautiful she just glowed and her daughter sat blushing in the next room while being pampered. I truly believe that God's gift of a daughter is a best friend to a mother. I loved getting some one on one time with Destiny as well. She told me that she is really smart and that she will even be able to skip a grade which is pretty darn impressive. I bet she will graduate top of her class from the conversations we held.

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