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How to choose what to wear for senior pictures.

Choosing the right outfits to wear for you senior pictures is one of the most fun, yet challenging things about getting your senior pictures done. So let me break down some general DO's and DON'Ts on this topic. Be sure to check out the pictures below of some neat examples I have found!


- Experiment with a crazy new style before the night of your session!

- Wear crazy busy patterns that will take away from your face.

- Be afraid to think outside the box.

- Wear baggy clothing, or clothes that are too big for you. It doesn't have to be tight, but we want you to show your shape a little!


- Get your hair trimmed and a color touch up a week or so before your pictures.

- Get your hair professionally done, or if you can do it yourself make it look nicer than your everyday hair.

- Add a little more makeup than normal, or get it professionally done (Contour and Highlighting always makes you look flawless)

- Wear lipstick even if its just a neutral shade.

- Bring your favorite clothes, uniforms, and formal clothes to your shoot! The sky is the limit!

- Bring tons of accessories!

- Wear colors that compliment your skintone.

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